Plaza Mayor of Burgos, Raining at NightThe flight went well and our stay with the family was short, but visit with friends was great! We arrived in Leon today and it’s rain, rain, rain. We are staying in the Hotel Reina. It is 1 star and is basic, but is tidy and clean. It has an elevator, and is a bit bohemian (incense burning). However, it is well situated near the old town center and has free WIFI!

It has been raining since we got here to Spain. There are floods all over Asturias and Galicia. The train between those two regions has been stopped. Every time it looks like the rain is decreasing in strength, it starts up again. It’s the pits.

We went out with friends in Burgos and it never stopped raining the entire night. When we got up in the morning, it was still raining. We drove to Leon and dropped off the rental car and it was windy and drizzling. Then, we went the the Parador, which is HUGE and absolutely beautiful. It is an old palace, which was also a pilgrim hospital and later a jail, according to the rental car agent.

Gothic Cathedral of Leon 2010We walked all over Leon today and saw the cathedral, which is very different than Burgos. The stained glass windows were not as dramatic as they would be if it weren’t RAINING! Did I mention that it is cold and RAINING?! We stopped in several food stores, looking at cecina, jamon, chorizo, etc.

Major accomplishment - Our first pilgrim stamp at the office in the cathedral!!

We’re tired and going to bed early. It is 10:15pm. We are leaving at 6am if it is not raining. If it is raining, we will see what we’ll do – maybe take the bus to the next town.